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Copper Braided Flexible Connectors

ULTRATECH manufactures a wide range of flexible & highly flexible braided connectors and earthing tapes for transmission of lower to higher amperage electrical currents. Connectors designed to compensate Vibration, heat expansion and contraction for Busses. They delivers maximum amount of power with minimum resistance values maintaining peak efficiency.

Technical Data


  •  Made out of annealed Cu-ETP wires.

  • Copper wires uncoated is standard, tin or silver coated on request.

  •  Wire Ø 0.07mm -0.20mm.


Contact area


  • Seamless Cu- ETP tube

  • Contact area uncoated tin, hot dipped tin & silver coated on request.




  • Heat Shrinking tubes, silicon, PVC on request.




  • Current capacity from 10 Amps to 6300 Amps available in different configuration.

  • Available in flat flexible strip / Round flexible rope & stranded conductors.

  • Single or multiple cable termination possible

Typical application

  • Switchgear Panels , Power generation &Transmission  

  • Solar Energy , Wind Energy 

  • Rail Boards , Defence

  • Electrolytic process , Welding Industry , Electro Plating Industry

  • Custom designed and engineered to customers satisfaction

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