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Earthing Flexible Connector

ULTRATECH manufactures a wide range of earthing flexible connector continuity strap and flange bounding jumper.

Technical Data


  •  Made out of annealed Cu-ETP wires.

  • Copper wires uncoated is standard, tin or silver coated on request.

  •  Wire Ø 0.19 mm.


Contact area


  • Seamless Cu - ETP tube

  • Contact area uncoated tin, hot dipped tin & silver coated on request.




  • Heat Shrinking tubes, silicon, PVC on request.




  • Current capacity from 10 Amps to 300 Amps available in different design.

  • Available in flat flexible strip / Round flexible rope & stranded conductors.

  • Single or multiple cable termination possible

Typical application

  • Fuel / Gas / chemical Pipe Lines  

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